Why am I running for North Dakota
House of Representatives, District 40?

I know that I can represent the citizens of District 40 better than my legislative opponents. I have quite a bit of experience working with others to good effect. And while they take their time identifying how NOT to spend tax dollars, I absolutely know that it takes a smart investment of capital to reap the greatest rewards, and I absolutely know that the best investment in North Dakota is in its people—Not in outside oil companies. Not in abstract ideas. Not in creating barriers between people and the legislative process. I will shine a light on legislative and judicial process, and expect the same light to shine on me. But in sum, the five reasons I am running can be simply summed up:

  1. Representative Government. Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike ought to worry about a lack of representation in our state government. It is nearly all Republicans. Who offers another voice to the discussion? I will. We fought a Revolution to get away from unchecked power. Let’s get a representative government again.
  2. Regulation. I want more regulation for corporations, and less for small businesses and especially, for people. This includes returning to the higher oil extraction tax rate, to fill up our state coffers once we are free from this virus.
  3. Education. Our Educational systems are controlled by people who politicize education and are ruining it. I want to return education to the educators, and fund education to make all of our systems stronger–because our future depends on our education.
  4. Values. I value the rural character of North Dakota, just as I believe in Education—and the two in combination allow for the greatest possible worlds. So I want to help North Dakota and District 40 stay rural, and develop the best educational system in America.
  5. There is a 5. I am still thinking about it, but something involving justice, fairness, the rule of law, and government for the people rather than the other way round.

Kibler PledgeI know that I can work responsibly with people of all parties and dispositions to move us forward in District 40 and beyond. I know that I can do so in ways that my opponents in District 40 have not, and seemingly cannot. I have experience working with both sides of the legislature as a result of my time on the North Dakota Board of Higher Education, and on various governance committees. As Director of the Northern Plains Writing Project I had to work with local, state, and federal leadership to secure funding to help our teachers statewide strengthen their work in the classroom. Owning and operating a construction company and a real estate management company has strengthened my awareness of the necessary link between actions and sound financial management.

The future is now for us in North Dakota, and we must seize the day. Along with my District 40 running mates Mike Rose and Clarice Granzatto,  I know that we can help make all of our futures bright. I know it. But again, it cannot happen on its own. We need your help. Help us to help you. Give us a chance at the ballot box. Let us show you what we can do for you—for all of us.

This is why I am running—to help bring about our bright future in District 38 and across the whole of our beautiful but changing state.

Robert E. Kibler, Candidate

P.S. As you know, it takes more than good ideas to get elected nowadays. Please consider donating to our campaign by clicking the button. Questions for me? Contact me any time, at Robert.Kibler1789@gmail.com, or on my cell, at 701-720-2716.