Robert for ND State House District 38

Why am I running for North Dakota House of Representatives, District 38?

Because a new day is upon us in North Dakota, and I know I can help us meet the challenges that come with it. In contrast, my opponents have years of legislative experience proving that they will not or cannot. They are too often driven to act based on ideology, not on the needs of the people or in keeping with the times.

Representatives Dan Ruby and Larry Bellew have spent years involved with such issues as defining personhood in the womb, denying funds for a new grandstand at the State Fair, stopping people from knowing what goes on in the legislature, and advocating the elimination of property tax. At the same time, a flood has come and gone, damaging the lives of thousands of citizens whose state taxes should have guaranteed them significant amounts of help from our state legislature. But when it came to helping people recover from the flood, Dan Ruby and Larry Bellew were silent, believing that the richest state in America should not stoop to help its own citizens.  Only votes at the ballot box will tell them they made a mistake.

I know that I can represent the citizens of District 38 better than Ruby and Bellew. While they take their time identifying how NOT to spend tax dollars, I absolutely know that it takes a smart investment of capital to reap the greatest rewards, and I absolutely know that the best investment in North Dakota is in its people—Not in outside oil companies. Not in abstract ideas. Not in creating barriers between people and the legislative process. People. We are a wealthy state now, and we will be a wealthy state for a long time to come. Now we must begin playing catch-up after several years of belt tightening, and begin strengthening our position in the nation and in the world by making the following investments and changes:

  1. Our educational and university systems need to become some of the best anywhere. They are good enough now for what we have paid into them from the North Dakota General Fund, but they can and must move towards excellence. They can and must become competitive at the national level. It is time that we invest the resources to give our people the best education to be gained anywhere at any time
  2. Our judicial system and our law enforcement groups are overwhelmed by the mass influx of people from other states drawn here by the oil boom. Both are radically short of space, resources, and people, and we must change this, because this influx will continue for many years to come, changing North Dakotan culture. And we need to change with the times, but we can also make sure that the essentials, what we most value, remain the same. I know most of us find great comfort from living and raising kids in one of the safest of states. We can keep it that way. But it won’t happen on its own
  3. Our need for affordable housing continues to grow. What was a difficult housing situation before the flood has become monumental in scope as a result of it. There must be a variety of housing stock available for people YESTERDAY. Through prudent planning, careful partnerships with outside groups, and smart investments of state tax dollars, we can accommodate the full range of housing needs fit for a variety of household budgets. But it won’t happen on its own. We must make it happen.
  4. We need strengthened infrastructure across the state. As a result of years of belt tightening, bridges, roads, schools, sewers, and institutional buildings are increasingly in need of repair. Now is the time to help communities make these repairs, by levying a greater portion of the oil extraction tax dollars paid by the oil industry to local communities. Additional oil tax dollars distributed to cities and townships–rather than hoarded by the legislature–will help us not only catch up with delayed work, but also gird cities and townships for future growth. But this won’t happen on its own. We must make it happen.

I know that I can work responsibly with people of all parties and dispositions to move us forward in District 38 and beyond. I know that I can do so in ways that my opponents in District 38 have not, and seemingly cannot. I have experience working with both sides of the legislature as a result of my time on the North Dakota Board of Higher Education, and on various governance committees. As Director of the Northern Plains Writing Project I had to work with local, state, and federal leadership to secure funding to help our teachers statewide strengthen their work in the classroom. Owning and operating a construction company and a real estate management company has strengthened my awareness of the necessary link between actions and sound financial management.

The future is now for us in North Dakota, and we must seize the day. Along with my District 38 running mates Mike Rose and Clarice Granzatto,  I know that we can help make all of our futures bright. I know it. But again, it cannot happen on its own. We need your help. Help us to help you. Give us a chance at the ballot box. Let us show you what we can do for you—for all of us.

This is why I am running—to help bring about our bright future in District 38 and across the whole of our beautiful but changing state.

Robert E. Kibler, Candidate

P.S. As you know, it takes more than good ideas to get elected nowadays. Please consider donating to our campaign by clicking the button. Questions for me? Contact me any time, at, or on my cell, 720-2716.