Written by Robert

A Message and Request from Robert Kibler, ND House Candidate, District 38

I am running for the North Dakota House of Representatives because I can be an agent of positive change for the people of District 38 and beyond. And we need positive change now. Our current Republican representatives in District 38 spend much
of their legislative time arguing about the definition of personhood, or about whether or not we should pay property tax. They voted against tuition caps for North Dakota students, against ethical oversight of politicians, and astoundingly, against vaccinations for poor kids. And when it came to gaining state financial help for flooded homeowners, they remained silent. They remain silent still. As a flooded homeowner, and friend to countless others, I cannot sit back and accept the fate to which they would consign us, while state coffers grow fat with oil tax revenues. There is only one thing to do. Send
them packing.

The truth is, our current Republicans in the House represent ideas more than they do people. They fundamentally believe that government has little or no place in our lives. Reasonable people know that it does. Government can and must assist people
who have done all they can to succeed, but because of forces beyond their control, falter. Government can and must regulate industries, uphold the law, collect taxes, and spend monies where needed to keep us growing safe and strong while remaining independent. That is what most people want.

I know that I can work constructively with both Republican and Democratic legislators to craft policies for the greater good, and that managing state resources effectively can keep prosperity alive, people safe, families together, and the best parts
of North Dakotan culture durable amidst the world of change coming to our region with the oil boom. I served as Faculty Representative to the ND State Board of Higher Education, and as Director of the Northern Plans Writing Project. Both jobs gave me a significant amount of experience working with our state legislature. I also teach at Minot State University, co-own a real estate management company, grow produce for the Minot Farmer’s Market, volunteer for a variety of public service organizations about town, and keep bees. My commitment to the welfare of people and to the state is firm.

There are a lot of people helping me—but time is short and the District big. So I am asking for your financial support, to get the word out about the record of our incumbent Republicans, and to share with people a message of a brighter and more
equitable tomorrow. I hate to ask for help of any kind, but the reality is that no large scale enterprise can be successful without the commitment of many people. See the enclosed envelope, or our campaign website, robertkibler.com, to contribute, and to find out more. And know that your contribution is not a pledge to me, per se, but rather, is one made to all of us. I have taken this pledge, and I hope you will too. Nothing much good happens otherwise.

Robert E. Kibler, Democratic Candidate
District 38, Burlington, ND.

Send contributions to Friends of Robert Kibler for the ND House
P.O. Box 301, Burlington, North Dakota, 58722

P.S. Questions for me? Contact me any time, at Alerohof@srt.com, or on my cell, 720-2716.