Written by Robert

Bellew and Ruby’s Bad Judgement

I think everyone ought to seriously consider what it says about the judgement of our incumbents Larry Bellew and Dan Ruby, in District 38, that they would have sponsored House Bill 1498, making it a felony for a woman who has been raped to have an abortion. I don’t meet many people who are for abortions, and there is probably a need to limit late term abortions save for a few instances, but at what point should an unborn anything have rights that supersede those of a human being? If you deny women control of their own bodies, even in the most extreme of circumstances, then how can you seriously be considered an upholder of our Constitution? House Bill 1498 shows our incumbents to be far more concerned with ideology than they are with actual, living, breathing people. They should be able to think more fully about the consequence of their actions during a long retirement from public office.

This is the Bill:

Introduced by

Representatives Ruby, Bellew, Damschen, Wald

Senators Andrist, Tollefson


A BILL for an Act to create and enact a new section to chapter 12.1-16 and a new section to chapter 43-17 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the protection of a preborn child and the duty of physicians; and to provide a penalty.


SECTION 1. A new section to chapter 12.1-16 of the North Dakota Century Code is created and enacted as follows:

Intentional termination of human life – Preborn children. A person is guilty of a class AA felony if the person intentionally destroys or terminates the life of a preborn child. A person that knowingly administers to, prescribes for, procures for, or sells to any pregnant individual any medicine, drug, device, or other substance with the specific intent of causing or abetting the termination of a preborn child is guilty of a class AA felony. A person that intentionally or knowingly aids, abets, facilitates, solicits, or incites a person to intentionally destroy or terminate the life of a preborn child is guilt of a class C felony. For purposes of this section, “preborn child” includes a human being from the moment of fertilization until the moment of birth.

SECTION 2. A new section to chapter 43-17 of the North Dakota Century Code is created and enacted as follows:

Duty of physicians treating pregnant women – Penalty. Any physician licensed under this chapter who provides health care to pregnant women shall make, in all cases, every effort to preserve both the life of the mother and the life of the preborn child. Medical treatment provided to the mother by a licensed physician which may result in accidental or unintentional injury or death of the preborn child is not a violation of this section. In addition to any penalty imposed under section 1 of this Act, a physician who violates this section is subject also to license revocation under this chapter.